• Introduction

  • Welcome to the personal website of David R. DeRemer. I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business. My research fields are international economics, political economy, and industrial organization. I can best be reached by email at david.deremer@nu.edu.kz.
  • Publications

  • Getting Your Ducks in a Row: The Case for More Inclusive Renegotiations in EU — Poultry Meat (China) (with Federico Ortino)
    World Trade Review Vol. 18, pp. 309-326, April 2019.

  • Suspiciously Timed Trade Disputes (with Paola Conconi, Georg Kirchsteiger, Lorenzo Trimarchi, and Maurizio Zanardi),
    Journal of International Economics Vol. 105, pp. 57-76, March 2017.

    VoxEU | Media Coverage: Fortune | The Washington Post
  • Estimating the Impact of Low-Income Universal Service Programs (with Daniel A. Ackerberg, Michael H. Riordan, Gregory L. Rosston and Bradley S. Wimmer)
    International Journal of Industrial Organization Vol. 37, pp. 84-98, November 2014.
    Working Paper
  • Book Chapter

  • Opportunities for Cooperation in Removing Prohibitive Trade Barriers in The World Trade Organisation and Economic Development, Ben Zissimos (ed.), MIT Press, pp. 207‑240, December 2019.
    Working Paper | Manuscript | Book Preview
  • Working Papers

  • The Principle of Reciprocity in the 21st Century
    Latest version, May 2019
    IEHAS Working Paper 1316, November 2016.
  • Domestic Policy Coordination in Imperfectly Competitive Markets
    ECARES Working Paper 2013-46, December 2013.
  • The Evolution of International Subsidy Rules 
    ECARES Working Paper 2013-45, December 2013.